Going Once by Sharon Sala

Going Once by Sharon SalaBook 1

Going Once is the 1st book in the Forces of Nature Series.  This one has a sinister background plot going on, similar to the Secrets and Lies Trilogy.

Yes, you need to read the whole series to understand the background plot that is going on.

This series is about a team of FBI agents that are called in to figure out who is the Stormchaser.

The agents are Tate Benton, Wade Luckett and Cameron Winger.

This is Tate Benton's story.

And it's also Nola Landry's story.  

This book starts with Nola being awoken in a dream by her dead mother's voice telling her to wake up and get out.  She does and finds that she is standing in several inches of water.  Her home is being flooded!!

As the floodwaters invade her home, she escapes to a nearby tree.  It's while she is hiding up in the tree that she sees the senseless killing of three of her neighbors.

What she finds out after is that she just witnessed the Stormchaser killing yet another set of poor, innocent people that were awaiting rescue.

In comes the FBI.  Tate Benton and his team are the ones that are asked to come and check it out.  

Tate Benton had left Queen's Crossing years ago.  He also left Nola behind.

Now he's back and she is the only witness that has seen the Stormchaser enough to ID him.  

Since Tate and Nola have to spend time together anyway, they get to know each other again.  As they reconnect, they mend each other's hearts.

Really truly, it's kinda cheesy.  Still enjoyed it though!!

Okay, so they don't solve the murders in this book.  You have to read book 2 and book 3 in order to know what happened with the other two teammates.  As well as who is actually doing the killings.

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