Going Twice by Sharon Sala

Going Twice by Sharon SalaBook 2

Going Twice is the 2nd book in the Forces of Nature Series.

This story continues the saga of the Stormchaser.  This time he's torturing, stripping and posing his victims.  And it's after a tornado this time.

If you've reading the series, you know that this series is about the FBI agents that have been following the Stormchaser killer.

That's Tate Benton, Wade Luckett, and Cameron Winger.

Now it's Wade's turn to have his story.

And they bring in another agent to help.  This time it's Wade's ex-wife Jo.

Wade and Jo had a painful falling out and separated years before.  But Wade still loves her and always will.

As they work together to find out who the Stormchaser killer is, they mend each other's broken hearts.

As Sharon Sala writes these books in alternating third person, you get to see things from the killer's perspective at times.  So we know that the killer is named Hershel and a bit as to why he is killing innocents.

And while he had set his sights on Nola in book 1, he now decides that he is going to go after Jo.  The killer thinks it's a game between him and FBI.  And he doesn't want Jo involved.

So of course, there's tension between the FBI and Hershel.  Plus there's sexual tension between Wade and Jo.

So all this makes for an interesting story.  It's captivating and exciting.

If you want to know what's happening with the background story, you do need to read book 1 before this one.  Then finding book 3 will help you to finsihe off the plot line!

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