The Hatfield Series by Sharon Sala

The Hatfield Series is a 2-book series. The Miracle Man and When You Call My Name.The Hatfield Series

The Hatfield Series by Sharon Sala is a 2-book series that was published way back in 1995 by Silhouette.  

Because these books were published so long ago, all they have are numbers on Amazon.  Book 1 is listed as "Romantic Traditions Book 650" and book 2 is listed as "Silhouette Intimate Moments Book 687" where the book series title would normally be written.

There's no real connection that shows that these 2 books are a series.  I had to find that out for myself thru research and detective-ness!!!  Oh, and reading the books.

Book 1, The Miracle Man, is about Antonette Hatfield and Lane Monday.

Book 2, When You Call My Name, is about Wyatt Hatfield and Glory Dixon.

It's obviously a series because the characters are connected by being in the same family. But because it was written years ago, the stories are connected differently than some major stories now.

Please note that there's no real plot or storyline connection that connects these two stories.  It's the characters that connect the stories. The characters, Toni and Lane, show up in book 2 and play a small part.  And while they aren't a part of the storyline, they do help Wyatt and Glory's story to move forward, very much like secondary characters that play a very minimal role.

Book 2 follows in time line very close after book 1, but the plot lines are not connected at all.

Each book is enjoyable on its own.  Click on the links below to see the #bookdetails for each book.

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