Life of Lies by Sharon Sala

Life of Lies by Sharon Sala2017 Book Cover

Life of Lies is a romantic suspense story by Sharon Sala.  And this story is a complete stand-alone story that doesn't belong to any book series.

It's just a good story by a fav author.

This story is a suspense story with a couple of sexy scenes that you need to watch out for.  But they aren't really detailed. 

This is a really interesting type of story.

Sahara Travis is a famous actress from a prominent family.  She lives and works in LA and has been estranged from her parents, in New Orleans, since they kicked her out.

Brendan McQueen is a former army ranger turned bodyguard.

He's hired to protect Sahara when she's the victim of several death threats.

She's reluctant to have protection but knows that she can't not have some as the attacks are escalating. 

Things get worse when she finds out that her mother has been murdered and her father has gone missing.

She heads to her family home in New Orleans.  And this is where we find out an amazing story.

As a famous actress, Sahara is thought to be a snobbish, uptight and spoiled.  And that's exactly what Brendan expects when he's hired to protect her.  What he finds instead is a sweet, adoring lady who is being targeted by an unknown assailant.

And what he finds will shock you.

And this is where the story comes out.

Her father was a ladies man, and Sahara's bio mom is actually the cook of the house.  She was passed off as the daughter to her mother but she wasn't liked.  And as soon as she was able to be on her own, she was sent on her way.  Hence the reason she's estranged from her "mother".

And thru some tricky investigating, Brendan finds out that that Sahara actually has step-siblings that she didn't know about.

And this is where the story starts to thicken!!

You see, her parents were very prominent and wealthy.  And now that Sahara is the only acknowledged heir, she's set to inherit millions.  That doesn't include the wealth that she's worked for herself.

And we know that money brings out the worst in people.

Okay, sorry spoilers!!!

Brendan finds out that she has three step siblings and they have banded together to get rid of her to inherit the millions.

But they don't think she'll take steps to make it that they'll get nothing.

And she does.

So the story is kinda cheesy.  But still endearing.  There's a lot that happens and when you find out who they are, you'll be floored.  You do not expect it as they are a part of her life.

And while Brendan and Sahara are stuck together in a huge house, they get to know each other.  First, as friends.  Then he comes to realize that she's nothing like the famous persona that is portrayed in the news.  And he falls for her.

And this story is a typical money grab type of story for the characters.  And yes, it does end happily after Brendan has caught all the bad guys.  But it's at the end that you see the depravity that some will go to go get what they want.

It's an interesting story.  I enjoyed it.  It's a great example of Sala's writing talents and skill.  Definitely worth reading again and again!!

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