Nine Lives by Sharon Sala

2006 Book Cover for Nine Lives by Sharon SalaBook 1 - 2006 Book Cover

Nine Lives is the 1st book in the Cat Dupree Series by Sharon Sala.

This book has been rereleased in 2018 with a new book cover (look below).  Actually the whole book series seems to be with new book covers!!

This book was originally published in 2006 but it's just as exciting now as it was then.

This whole series is about Cat Dupree and Wilson McKay.  They meet and start a romance - of sorts - in book one, but due their character hangups, they don't actually stay together till later on.

2018 Book Cover for Nine Lives by Sharon Sala2018 Book Cover

This book, Nine Lives, is about more about the disappearance and subsequent murder of Cat's best friend Marsha Benson than it is about the romance that ends up happening between Cat and Wilson.

They meet when trying to rescue some people from a burning building and then they keep running into each other through the story.

And Cat intrigues Wilson.  She's aloof, hard, brutal, gorgeous and he can't stop thinking about her.

So while she's investigating the disappearance of her friend, Wilson tries to help her.  As they are both bounty hunters, they both have access to resources that enable them to find info about the man (Mark) that killed Marsha and their whereabouts.

And it's Cat that comes up with the theory as to what happened to Marsha even when noone believes her.

A relationship of sorts starts to happen between Cat and Wilson.  And that includes a sexy scene.  There are details to worry about but not a lot.

There is also a back story that is happening in this story.  And that one has to do with the man who slit her throat when she was 13yrs old and then killed her father.  Cat became a bounty hunter to find that man.  And all she has to go on is what he looks like.

But as luck would have it, this is the man that's called to help the bad guy in this book.  And while they don't capture Solomon, they do capture Mark and bring him in.

So this story leads right to book 2, Cut Throat, where she follows the trail that leads to Solomon Tuluola!

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