Out of the Dark by Sharon Sala

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Out of the Dark by Sharon Sala is a stand-alone novel, as in it doesn't follow any romance book series at all.  It's just one of her really good stories!!

You also need to know that this story deals with one woman's journey home as she's dealt with the abuse that she endured as a child.  So this story is darker in nature as apposed to a light and fluffy as some romance stories can be.  

This romance is a suspense novel that's intriguing and interesting, while being moving and poignant.

As a full-length novel, this story will have you running the gamut of emotions as you experience the growth that Jade must go through to fully come home.

This story starts out with 4yr old Jade being taken from her home by her mother to become a part of a cult that systematically brainwashes her mother.

After the death of the mother, Jade is left in the cult and at the mercy of a man who pimps out the children to men with dangerous appetites.

2006 Paperback Edition, 2012 Kindle Edition of Out of the Dark by Sharon Sala.2006 Paperback Edition

Then the story jumps to nearly 20yrs later with Jade and Raphael still on the run from the People of Joy.

Even though she's an accomplished artist, she's still living on the run as she's afraid to be found by the People of Joy and the man who once who held her captive.

Raphael helps her in everyway that he can, but he's sick, and she doesn't know it.

So when Luke shows up to find her and bring her home to her family, it's an answer to prayers.

Then the rest of the story is about Jade and Luke getting to know each other.  And because she was so severely abused, their relationship progresses slowly.

The story is also about Jade getting to know her father again.  She was taken when she was just 4yrs old, so Jade never really knew her father and her mother died when she was young.  

The story is also about Jade learning to love herself.  And to accept herself for who she is and for what she went thru.

Sharon Sala is a master storyteller and she does a great job of presenting this delicate topic with kindness and tenderness.  And with the class of being able to turn the absolute worst into the absolute best.

The story does end happily.  Jade finds love with Luke and finds peace with her father and her heart.  The men get captured and brought to justice.

And I love the ending.  The way that Raphael is remembered is a true treasure.  I would buy one of those paintings!!

This is definitely a book worth reading.  

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