A Piece of My Heart by Sharon Sala

A Piece of My Heart by Sharon SalaBook 4

A Piece of My Heart is the 4th book in the Blessings, Georgia Series by Sharon Sala.

This story is about Mercy Dane and Lon Pittman.

Lon is the local police chief for the little town of Blessings.  And Mercy happens to be the long lost sister to Hope Talbot.

The story starts out with us getting to know Mercy and how she's been alone all her life.  But when she gives blood to a well-known member of the Blessings community, she realizes that there is so much more.

Hope Talbot was in a terrible accident and needed blood but due to her rare blood type, it can't be from just anyone.  That's when Mercy is called in and it's realized that Mercy is Hope's long lost sister.  They got separated in the foster care system.

So the story is about Mercy coming to Blessings to not only get to know her sister but also to get to know the one man that she could never forget. 

That man is Lon Pittman.  They had one night, years before, that was unforgettable.  And now as the police chief, they spend time getting to know each other.

So the story is not only about Mercy getting to know Hope, and Mercy getting to know Lon, it's also about life in Blessings.

And in life, things happen.  Things like the gossips running their mouths.  And Lon making them fix it!!  That's a fun part.  

Also things like, Mercy finding a job when Ruthie falls and hurts herself.  Or when Lon calls on Mercy to help with a runaway and then getting caught in a robbery.

And let's not forget the biggest of the story is when a school bus full of children falls into the raging river and Mercy comes to aid of one of the kids.

So the story is filled with sometimes tragic, sometimes happy, sometimes inbetween things that happen in life.  And Sharon Sala does a great job of weaving these events into a great story.

Of course, the story ends happy with Lon and Mercy getting married and living happily ever after!!!

There is a sexy scene in the story, but there are no details in the scene.  It's a nice to read.

This is a full length novel even though it is a bit shorter than most novels.  There is no cliff-hanger to worry about.  What you do get is a bit of what will be happening in the next book, book 5.  Makes you want to read that one too.

Book Quote for Piece of My HeartMercy and Lon

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