The Rebel Ridge Series by Sharon Sala

The Rebel Ridge Series by Sharon Sala is about the families on Rebel Ridge.  This is a large mountain range in Kentucky!

Rebel Ridge is filled with two large families, the Walkers and the Venables. 

They have been living on this mountain for generations and have intermarried.  

Each story carries on from the first one and then lets you know what has happened to the previous main characters.

This series is about the Walker family.  Ryal, Quinn and Meg.  Oh and it's about the Venables too.

Book 1, Next of Kin, is about Ryal Walker and Beth Venables.  They may be distantly related, but they still were high school sweethearts!

Book 2, Don't Cry for Me, is about Quinn Walker and Mariah Conrad.

Book 3, 'Til Death, is about Meg Walker and Lincoln Fox.

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