Reunion by Sharon Sala

Reunion by Sharon SalaReunion

Reunion is a romantic suspense novel written by Sharon Sala.   This romance story is a completely stand alone novel being that it doesn't belong to any book series that she has written.

This is just a great romance story that will keep you captivated and intrigued and keep you glued to the page until you finish it!!

This story is about Gabriel Donner.  After an accident that he doesn't remember, he wakes from a coma to find out that his parents are dead and he's left all alone.

Only he's been hearing voices in his head and seeing things that he makes him think that he's going insane.

And it's only with his Uncle Mike's insistance that he actually talks about what he's going through.  

That's when Mike calls Laura Dane in to talk with him and to maybe be able to help him.

Laura is a psychic who is able to see things before they happen.  And when she shakes hands with Gabriel, she sees something altogether different.

At first, they are reluctant to trust each other and to talk with each other, but eventually the story comes out.

Gabriel is hearing voices, sleepwalking and dreaming vivid dreams that leave him shaken to the core.  He is actually seeing people get killed as they are being killed.

Gabriel doesn't know if he is going insane or not.  All the knows is that he needs some help and Uncle Mike thinks that Laura can help.

She comes to stay with him and together they delve into what is happening in his head while fighting the intense attraction that they are beginning to feel for each other.

So both characters come with issues that they can relate to each other somewhat.  

Laura has been able to "see" things her whole life and that has made her isolated in a life that leaves her lonely.

Gabriel is getting a feel of what life has been life for her as noone seems to believe him about his dreams.  Even after they make the decision to go the police to let them know what they know.

And the police are reluctant to believe them. 

But as the police and as Gabriel and Laura keep digging into things, what they find shocks Gabriel to his core.

Okay, so I won't give you the ending, but I will say that Sharon Sala has once again shown that she is a master storyteller.  Even though this book was written in 1999, the story is still an interesting story.  

The characters were really well written with a great plot line that keeps you intrigued the whole way through the story.

And the villian of the book.  Not at all what I thought!!  I didn't figure out what was happening until Sharon Sala revealed it.  

And the ending was poignant and touching.  A tribute to the man he didn't remember!

Just like any of Sharon Sala's books, this is another one that is definitely worth reading!  Take a look at several of her books here!


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