Saving Jake by Sharon Sala

Saving Jake by Sharon SalaBook 3

Saving Jake is the 3rd book in the Blessings Georgia Series by Sharon Sala.

While this book is in a series, the only characters that really play a part in the whole series is the fun characters that work at the Curl Up and Dye Salon!!

So this story is about Jake Lorde and Laurel Payne.

Jake was injured while serving in the army.  

Now, he's going home to Blessings.

Laurel is a single mom trying to make ends meet while dealing with her precocious 6yr old daughter!

And she's also trying to heal from the suiside of her late husband.

So this story is about healing.

Both Laurel and Jake need to heal from their injuries.

Jake needs more time to heal from his injuries while dealing with PTSD.

Laurel is doing what she can to pick up the pieces after her husband, who also served in the army, chose to take his own life instead of getting the help that he needed.

Their paths cross when Laurel, after cleaning his place for him in order for him to come home, she offers him a ride home.

They happen to live close to each other.

And while neither of them are interested in any sort of relationship, they do come to rely upon each other for things that happen when living in the country.

And it is while they deal with several issues, both at his place and at hers, they get to know each other.  And their friendship blossoms to love.

It's a cute story.

There is little no smut in this story, which is nice!!

It's just a sweet, tender story about two lives coming together after major hearbreak.

Sharon Sala is a talented storyteller when she can write both sweet and light and then dark and twisted!!

Book Quote: Life wasn't about doing what was easy.  Life is about doing what had to be done.Quote from Laurel

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