Secrets and Lies Trilogy by Sharon Sala

The Secrets and Lies Trilogy is a great book series by Sharon Sala!

And true to her style of writing, she has a sinister background plot going on. 

Years before when they were teenagers just graduated from high school, Betsy, Paul, Dick and Corrine were in a terrible car accident.  Corrine did not make it and the others were left with enough brain damage that they did not remember what had happened.  

Betsy is Sam's and Trey's mom.  Dick is Dallas' dad.  Paul is Mack's dad.  This is the connection in this book series.

By the end of book 1, the background plot has not come forward so no one knows that the killer is really out to get the rest of the group that witnessed so many years before.

But by the end of book 2, you know that someone is killing off this group of kids to silence them from ever telling what they saw.

Book 3, Dark Hearts finishes off the plot line, they catch the killer and live happily ever after!!!

Each story is filled with on-the-edge-of-your-seat action and twists and turns you don't expect.  With the killer being the one you expect the least to be!!

I enjoyed this whole book series.  But you really do have to read the whole series in order to understand this background plot line!


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