Swept Aside by Sharon Sala

2018 Kindle Edition of Swept Aside by Sharon Sala2018 Kindle Edition

Swept Aside is the 3rd and final book in the Storm Front Series by Sharon Sala.

This book is the one about the escaped prisoners, if you've been following the series.

And you'll also know that this series follows the same time frame as the first and second book.  The only difference is that this book is in the prisoners' perspective.

When the hurricane hit the small community of Bordelaise, Louisianna, there's was much destruction.

One of the places that was hit hard was the jail.  A wall was blown away giving the convicts the ability to escape.

And because they don't want to go to jail, they take advantage of the situation despite the injuries that they incurred during the storm.

Nobody notices they're missing for several days.  And it's during these several days that this book's time frame is placed.

What we do find out, also, is that there's an undercover cop among the men.  The DEA have been trying to take down this group for some time and Nick Aroyo was placed with them long before they got to the jail.

2010 Paperback Edition of Swept Aside by Sharon Sala2010 Paperback Edition

Amelia Pope has come home to Bordelaise to heal and recover.  She was shot during a terrible school shooting and has lost faith in mankind and in herself.  She even lost her last family member while she was in the hospital

She gets to her family home just before the storm hits.  She knows that she can ride out the storm in the plantation her grandmother had owned.  

What she didn't plan on was a group of men to come to her home and hold her hostage again in her own home.

These four men are rough looking and rough sounding.  But one of them always seems to stand up to the others on her behalf.  He leaves her confused and intrigued.

Nick's unable to tell her who he really is as he can't blow his cover.  He's afraid that she'll slip something to the others.

2010 Hardcover Edition of Swept Aside by Sharon Sala2010 Hardcover Edition

After they spend almost a week hiding out, they know that they can't stay any longer.

In an incident where Amelia is almost attacked by one of them, she gets away and heads into the swamp.

Nick's able to follow her and finally trusts her with the truth.  They come up with a plan to get out of the whole situation, hopefully with their lives.

So while this is a romance wrapped around a captivating story, it's also about Amelia coming to terms with the trauma that she's endured.

In a twist ending, she saves herself.  And becomes the hero of her own story!!  

Yes, the story does end happy!  Nick comes back for her and they get married and have babies.  

There are a couple of sexy scenes that you have to watch for.  They're not very detailed as she alludes to them more than not.  This is a full length story with no cliff hanger.  It also only touches on the other characters in the other books.

This is definitely worth reading!!

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