The Chosen by Sharon Sala

2005 Book Cover for The Chosen by Sharon Sala2005 Book Cover

The Chosen by Sharon Sala is another gripping stand-alone tale that will keep you glued until you finished reading!

This story is about January DeLena and Benjamin North.

She's a journalist.

He's a detective.

Ne'er the two shall meet!!

They're supposed to be sworn enemies, but after their first kiss, they both can't stop thinking about the other.

Because of this connection and that she feels that she can trust him, she comes to him with an outlandish theory about the murders that have been plaguing the city for some time.

And of course, they give in to their explosive attraction to each other.  You'll find that the sensuality level is minimal.  She has details, but she doesn't.  Sharon Sala is talented at letting us know what's going on without getting too detailed during the sexy scenes.

2015 Kindle Edition of The Chosen by Sharon Sala2015 Kindle Edition

She's also talented at weaving a sinister plot that the hero and heroine have to figure out along the way.

And this one is awful.

There's a vile, sinister, self-proclaimed messiah kidnapping men hoping to get into heaven.  You see, he died and went to hell instead of seeing the light in most near-death experiences.  And he doesn't want to go back to hell.  So in his twisted mind, he thinks that he needs to do what He did in order to be saved.

And it's January that comes up with this theory.  A theory that the cops aren't going to believe because she can't prove anything.

That's when she turns to Ben for help.  And it's while they are investigating this theory that they give in to their attraction and find out that they are perfect for each other.

2005 Paperback Edition for The Chosen by Sharon Sala2005 Paperback Edition

This a full length novel that doesn't belong to any book series.  It's just one of Sharon Sala's many wonderful, captivating stories that she's written for us to enjoy.

Now this story does end happily ever after, but not until January makes herself to be bait for this messiah.  Even though it's against every fiber of Ben's being!

He just found her, he can't loose her.  But she knows that she let these men be killed because of this madman's twisted thinking.

So the ending is amazing while still being interesting.  Yes, they stop the bad guy but not before some tragedy happens.  

What's interesting is that Sala brings out a societal issue that we all need to think about throughout this story.  Homelessness is no joking matter and we all should be helping those that have less than us.

She does a great job of portraying this issue in this story while weaving romance around it as well as the thinking of a criminal mind.

A master storyteller indeed.  Check it out!