The Justice Way Series by Sharon Sala

Book Covers for the Justice Way Series by Sharon SalaThe Justice Way Series

The Justice Way Series by Sharon Sala is an older romantic suspense series that was published in 1997.  The book covers on this page are the 2017 book covers.

This series is about the Justice brothers.  There's Roman, Ryder and Royal.

Book 1, Ryder's Wife, is about Ryder.  When he hears about Casey Ruben's proposal, he decides to take her up on it.  What follows is a sweet and tender story that's an easy read.

Book 2, Roman's Heart, is about Roman.

Book 3, Royal's Child, is about Royal.

While each book is about each brother.  The books are connected but do not have a background plot that spans the series.

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Roman's Heart

Roman's Heart by Sharon SalaBook 2

Royal's Child

Royal's Child by Sharon SalaBook 3


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