The Miracle Man by Sharon Sala

The Miracle Man by Sharon Sala is actually the first in a really old book series.  This series only has 2 books in it but still enjoyable.

This is the 2020 book cover for The Miracle Man.2020 cover for Miracle Man

Book Details

The Miracle Man was originally published in 1995 under Harlequin Silhouette.  You'll find the old book cover below!!

And because it was published that way, this story is only 256 pages long.  Not a long story, but definitely an enjoyable read.

Because it's not a long story, you don't have a lot of fluff to worry about when you're reading.

Sala reissued this book in 2020 with a brand new cover and issued only on Kindle.

You'll find that because this story is so old, there aren't really any details in the sex scenes.  In fact, I would say that it's a squeaky clean romance!

It is classified as a contemporary romance as well as a "family life" book.  Because this story is about family too.

This book happens to be the first book in a small 2-book series.  The second book is called When You Call My Name. Look below for the link to this book.

Book 1, The Miracle Man, is about Antonette (Toni) Hatfield with book 2, When You Call My Name is about her brother Wyatt.  

This is the 1995 book cover for the Miracle Man! This is the kindle and paperback edition cover.1995 book cover
This is the 2002 Silhouette Sensation hard cover edition for The Miracle Man.2002 Hardcover Edition

And while this may be a series and have characters that are in both books, they don't actually follow each other in story or plot line! 

Yes, book 2 makes reference to stuff from book 1, but that's about it!  These books are called the Hatfield Series because both siblings are Hatfields!

I also found that there's another book cover for this book, published in 2002.

This is the hardcover edition for this book.

Book Summary

This story is about Antonette (Toni) Hatfield and her desire to become a mother despite the fact that she doesn't have a man to help her.  

You see, she's 29yrs old and a bigger girl.  No, I'm not talking about fat.  She's tall and broad, just like a man.  And all of her brothers treat her like she can manage anything because of her size and stature. 

Keep in mind that this book was written before and published by 1995, so back then, the world view of women was really very much the "women stay at home" type.

And even though most of her brothers have gotten married and started having children, they don't see the longing that she has for a child of her own.

Please also know that only a couple of her brothers (even though she has several) play only a small insignificant role in this story.

She decides to take matters into her own hands.  Especially when she literally rescues a man out of the river.

Lane Monday is a US Marshall and is 6'6" and not a small man.  And he's been asked to transport a man only he can handle.  But their plan crashes due to weather and the only ones to survive are this man and Lane.

At least that's what Lane's gut is telling him.

Okay, so he gets rescued by Toni and brought to her house.  And even after he's given the all clear by the doc, he goes back to Toni's to recuperate.  

He also wants to stay at her place because he knows that the guy is still around.  Plus he also wants to see how things go with Toni.

She offers him a no-strings one night.  And she tells him that she'll handle protection.  What she actually does is get pregnant on purpose.

Now keep in mind, both characters come with issues.

Toni has self-esteem and self-image issues that have been ingrained in her since she was a child.  But she knows what she wants and decides to get it no matter what.

Lane has experienced a trauma that noone should have to endure and that makes him so gun-shy and unwilling that this plays a part in the story.

The book does end happy, but it takes a lot to get there.  And getting there has Wyatt stepping in for a bit.

Please note that because this is a shorter story, things move quickly to the end.


I did enjoy this book.  It's a fun story line.  But what gets annoying is that her self-image issues play a huge role in the plot.  You have to listen to her berate herself over and over before she'll finally believes that she's worthy of having a man and that he would actually love her.

Lane moves quicker thru his transformation during the story with his issues only coming to light near the end.  What I didn't like was that his issues weren't completely explained until after he finds out about her getting pregnant and goes with her to a doctor appt.

This story does follow the pattern of stories from the 90s, with the heroine being the one with the most to loose and the most to change.

And because I'm a huge Sharon Sala fan, I'll read just about anything that she's written.

Is this book worth reading?  Absolutely.  It's a fun, short read that can be finished in one sitting.  So if you're interested in a cute story to keep you entertained, check this one out.

There's no plot line in this book that leads us to book 2.  But you can find out about it here, book 2, When You Call My Name.

Take a look at book 2 in the Hatfield Series.  

Book Covers for the Hatfield Series. Book 1, The Miracle Man. Book 2, When You Call My Name. Both books by Sharon SalaThe Hatfield Series!