The Warrior by Sharon Sala

The Warrior by Sharon Sala2009 Book Cover

The Warrior by Sharon Sala is a complete stand-alone book (it belongs to no series).

You will find that this book is actually a bit different than some others.  There's some paranormal elements to the storyline that makes this a really intriguing story.

You see, John Nightwalker is a Native American soldier who has been alive for more than 500 years.  

He was granted immortality by the Old Ones when he vowed revenge on the man that killed his entire village and that included his beloved wife.

So while the book is a modern contemporary story, there's historical elements to make it interesting and compelling.

The prologue is about the past and what made him what he is.  Then the rest of the story is about the modern issues that come up.

When he vowed revenge, he was told that he would die only when he was the one that spilt the blood of the man that slaughtered his village.  So as the years pass, he can feel when the soul of them man is born and then dies.

But it's only when he randomly runs into Alicia Ponte that he knows that she's connected to this man.  When he finds out that she's on the run, he offers her safety and sanctuary.

And so then begins the unintended romance between Alicia and John.

You see Alicia's father is the soul that John has been searching for.  And as a powerful arms manufacturer, he's been selling arms to both sides of the war, making him a traitor to just about everyone!

When Alicia decides to go the authorities about her father, he goes on the run.  Alicia and John end up being on run as well.  Only from the men that her father has sent to kill her.

Due the fact that John's been around for hundreds of years, he amassed quite the fortune.  This aids them to be able to run from the hitmen following her.

John's also a soldier and has skills and talents that give him an edge to being able to guard and protect Alicia.

And it's during the time they're on the run, they get to know each other and while she doesn't completely believe that's immortal and can heal.  But they do find that they need each other.

He's finally able to love again and she learns to love.

In the end, John is finally able to satisfy the Old Ones' requirements and defeat this man himself.

Now, you also have to be open to the idea of reincarnation to really appreciate this story.  Because there's a couple of scenes where we see how the past is connected to the present.  And how tender and poignant that can be.

Sharon Sala does a great job with this story.  It is a favorite of mine. Check it out!!

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