The Way Back to You by Sharon Sala

The Way Back to You is the 9th book in the Blessings Georgia Series by Sharon Sala!

This novel is a wonderful continuation to her tender and sweet series about the people of Blessings, Georgia!!

The Way Back to You by Sharon SalaBook 9

Book Details

This book is classified as a contemporary romance but it's also classified as "small town and rural fiction", according to Amazon.  So that makes it just a fun and entertaining story to read and enjoy.

Now while this book is the 9th book in the series, you can read this one alone, as you'll find that the only a handful of characters play any sort of roll in the story.

Although I did find that some played more than others.

And true to this whole series, you'll find that there's not that many sexual details at all in this book either.  You get a glimpse and then they go behind closed doors, kind of a thing!

This book is a full length novel with 354 pages.  It was published in 2019 so there's only one book cover to find.

You do find other characters in this storyline, but they only play a small role.  But you'll also find that this story isn't just about the 2 main characters, it's also about the ones closest to them.  Makes for a fun and dimensional story!!

This is just a sweet and tender story.  With wonderful characters who are kind and generous to those around them.  


Blessings, Georgia is a small town where everyone knows everyone else and they all know each other's business but they also help each other when things are down.

Like when a hurricane hit the small town in book 7 or 8 and the whole town pulled together to get thru that.

But this book is about Sully Raines and Melissa Dean.

They were childhood's first crush and had lost touch as what happens in life.

Then fate stepped in and literally threw them into each other's lives in a freak accident.  Sully saves Melissa before her car explodes and gets her to safety.

You see, Sully has come to Blessings in search of the mother that he didn't know.  He found out at the death of his mother that she was actually an adoptive mother and he was adopted.  That was a bit hard to bear, but you don't actually see the turmoil that happens with that, in this story, you only see the positive outcome instead.

So he just happens to be in the right place at the right time to save Missy (Melissa).

As they reconnected, we get to know more about each of their stories and what brought them to where they are at.

And then to make things so much more fun, the author has made it that we also get to know who his real mother is and who she is in Blessings.  Then to make things even more entertaining, we also find out about his bio dad and where he's at.

Sully and Melissa reestablish their childhood relationship and it evolves into a romantic relationship where they commit to each other.  

Now Sully also finds that his bio mom has been living and working in Blessings this whole time and it's a bit interesting how it happens.

One thing you should know is that this whole book is positive.  When each of them meet each other for the first time, there's no harsh words or backlash, they just accept each other right off the bat!  

The story does end happy ever after, for several of the couples and not just for Sully and Melissa.

We also get a glimpse into who will be in the next book when we meet Cathy Terry.  So take a look at book 10, Once in a Blue Moon, coming out in Aug 2020!


This is a very fun and easy read.  There's nothing to worry about when reading this story, you just get to enjoy it.

I did think that everything went way to easy for these characters and who they were looking for literally fell into their lap.  A little unrealistic, yes.  But it was still a very enjoyable story.  

I always enjoy a story that's about good-hearted people and a community that they belong to.  And because Sharon Sala is a favorite of mine, I'll recommend it to anyone!!

This whole series is a breath of fresh air with the content and the people in it!!

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