Torn Apart by Sharon Sala

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Torn Apart is the 2nd book in the Storm Front Series by Sharon Sala.  And as indicated on the series page, this story happens right around the same time frame as the first book.

This one even has a little bit of background so then we know why this couple is torn apart the way they are.

And this is also why this novel is called "Torn Apart" is because of the main character's relationship.

Katie and JR Earle have loved each other since high school.  And they have a young, 7-year old son to cherish.  But they have some hangups that make the story interesting and frustrating.

Katie's afraid to leave Bordelaise.  This is where she grew up, where they buried her parents, where they buried JR's parents.  She couldn't even think about leaving.

So when JR tells her that he's gotten a promotion that will take them away from Bordelaise, she can't stomach the idea.

Because to her, safety lies in the familiar and what she knows.

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But what she doesn't know is that there's a predator waiting.  Waiting for just for the right time to snatch little Bobby and take him.

And he takes him just as the sirens blare for the hurricane.

So at first, they think that young Bobby was taken by the hurricane.  But when more things happen and they realize that he was snatched instead, things change and they start a search for him too.

You will find that this story is a telling of circumstances.  Each of the characters go through their own circumstances and the author links all of them together to make this story. We see how actions have consequences and how they have a ripple affect to other people in different circumstances.

So while these 3 books aren't really related in story lines, they have overlapping characters and stories that happen side by side.

While this story does end happy, we do get a chance to see in the mind of the bad guy.  And this one is a sex offender by the name of Newt.  

Sharon Sala doesn't do into graphic detail for any of the types of scenes regarding the young boy or the relationship with the parents, just so you know.

But we do get a feel in who Newt was and why he was the way he was.

We also get to know JR and Katie and why they were having troubles and what they needed to do to fix things.

This is not a long novel, only about 300 pages long.  So it's an easy, fast read.  

We do get some hints that the men that were swept away from the jail are alive and on the run.  So don't forget to check out book 3, Swept Aside, to find out what happened to them.

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