When You Call My Name by Sharon Sala

When You Call My Name is the 2nd book in the Hatfield Series by Sharon Sala.  This is a romantic suspense novel unlike the first book, which is a contemporary romance.

Book Cover for When You Call My Name is book 2 in the Hatfield Series by Sharon Sala.Book 2 - 2018 Kindle Edition

Book Details

When You Call My Name is the 2nd book in the Hatfield Series by Sharon Sala.

This book was originally published in 1995 with the cover below.  In 2014, it was reissued with a new Kindle cover, down below.  Then in 2018, reissued again with another new Kindle cover (beside here).  Many authors do this hoping to be able to sell their books again.  Sharon Sala is no different.

This is not a long story, with only 256 pages.  It's a full length story but is shorter than some of her other books.  The story moves quickly through the plot line with not a lot of fluff in the scenes.

This story follows really close in time frame after the 1st book, My Miracle Man.  And the characters, Toni and Lane, do play a part in this book, but not a huge role. They come and go and help Wyatt and Glory move their story.

This story has a bit of paranormal aspects to it with Glory having some psychic abilities.  She has visions or premonitions about things that will happen. 

This is the 1995 paperback cover of When You Call My Name, by Sharon Sala, published by Silhouette.1995 Paperback Cover
This is the 2014 Kindle Cover for When You Call My Name by Sharon Sala.  This was published by Harlequin.2014 Kindle Cover

Book Summary

Glory Dixon is known as an oddity.  She's psychic and knows things long before they happen.

The story starts us out with Wyatt getting into a major accident and going to the hospital.  

Glory "sees" the accident and knows that she's the only one that can save Wyatt, so she heads out despite the weather.

She has a rare blood type and so does Wyatt and she knows this, so she offers her blood to the hospital, saving Wyatt's life.

What they both don't realize is that when she gave him some of her blood, she also gave him a modified version of her powers.  And he can hear her.

So when her life is threatened, she calls the one person that has no connection to the small town in which she lives and knows will protect her.

What follows then is an interesting story about how one man thinks something so hard that he comes to believe it and when he wants to get away with something, he'll do anything to make that happen.

Wyatt comes to her little town to discover who she is and why he can't talk to her the way that he can.

And he stays to protect her at any cost.

We do get to read the point of view of the villain and why he's doing what he's doing.  So it's not a who-done-it type of book.  

And it's while Wyatt is protecting Glory that they fall for each other and he's first hand witness to the powers that she has.

Yes, the story does end HEA and they do catch the killer, but not for a while and not until the small town sheriff gets off his butt and actually does something.


The whole storyline makes for an interesting story.  I think of Maya Banks' Whispers in the Dark when I read this story. 

The dynamics between Glory and Wyatt were compelling and kinda sweet.

I didn't know that this was book 2 of this small series until I did some research and found out myself.  You'll notice, though, that they don't have similar book covers.  And that's because they were published so long ago.  You'd think tho that if she wanted to reissue them, she would've given them matching covers when she issued out her 2018/2020 covers!!

Nonetheless, I did enjoy this story.  I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about Wyatt and Glory while seeing how Toni and Lane and Joy were doing.  

It's definitely worth reading and even buying!!

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