Author Sharon Sala

Sharon Sala is a compelling writer and author.  

She mixes up mystery, intrigue and suspense.  While adding in romance and love.  She is a talented storyteller.  I really enjoy her books!

Picture of Author Sharon Sala

Sharon Sala is truly a diverse writer, being able to write books that have a dark side to them, especially in the Forces of Nature Series.   

But also books, like the Blessings Georgia Series, that are lighter and sunnier but still filled with persuasive plot lines and interesting characters.

Her love scenes are a part of the story.  They don't overpower the plot line.  I would give the sensuality level a medium to medium-low.  The Blessings Georgia Series is classified as clean and wholesome romance so there are no details in this series.

Check out her website here.  Even though she has written quite a few books and is quite successful, her site is not complete:(

She writes most of her books in trilogies, as you can see from this list of books.

Click on each book cover to see the #bookdetails for that book!  Click on the book series title to read details about the whole series!

Blessings, Georgia Series 

The Cat Dupree Series

This series is being reissued in 2018 with all new book covers!  Check them out.

The book covers for the Cat Dupree Collection by Sharon Sala

Secrets and Lies Trilogy

A Rebel Ridge Novels

The Forces of Nature Series

The Searchers Series

The Justice Way Series

Roman's Heart

Roman's Heart by Sharon SalaBook 2

Royal's Child

Royal's Child by Sharon SalaBook 3

The Storm Front Series 

Torn Apart

Torn Apart by Sharon SalaBook 2

Swept Aside

Swept Aside by Sharon SalaBook 3

Sharon Sala's stand-alone books

Sharon Sala has many stand-alone books.  

Here are only some of her books.  You will find a ton more on her site.


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