Author Susan Wiggs

The Bella Vista Chronicles

Susan Wiggs' newest book series, The Bella Vista Chronicles, is about a family that lives in Archangel, CA.  Their working farm is called Bella Vista, hence the title.

The Apple Orchard

Susan Wiggs' The Apple OrchardThe Apple Orchard

Book 1, The Apple Orchard, start the story line with Tess Delaney finding out that she actually has a half-sister that she didn't know about until her grandfather's executor came to tell her she is the part owner of a large working orchard farm in Archangel.  

The executor is Dominic Rossi, but he's also a family friend.  As the story progresses, Dominic and Tess come together to solve problems at Bella Vista and end up together as well.

Book 2, The Beekeeper's Ball, is about her sister.  Her name is Isabel Johansen.  She was raised by their grandfather, Magnus, and had lived at Bella Vista her whole life.

Cormac (Mac) O'Neill comes to Bella Vista to document Magnus' life and ends up staying to be with Isabel.

The story line follows not only the main characters, but also delves into the lives of Magnus, Annelise, Eva, Erik, and Francesca.  You learn where Magnus has come from and what he had to endure to be where he is at now.  You learn about the history of the people that brought Isabel and Tess into the world.  How they lived, loved and died.

It really is a touching story. 

I'm hoping that the future books will include Jamie.  She's the beekeeper that they invite to live at Bella Vista in book 2.

So far this book series is completely clean, no details are shared when the love scenes come up.

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