Author Susan Wiggs

The Lakeshore Chronicles Series

The Lakeshore Chronicles Series is a book series that has the characters all coming back to Camp Kioga in Avalon.  Camp Kioga was a summer camp where families would come and stay for the whole summer then it turned it into a summer camp for kids.  So each of the characters have some tie to the camp.  Each of the books also deals with several characters and not just the main ones in each book.  The camp is located right beside Willow Lake.

Summer at Willow Lake

Susan Wiggs' Summer at Willow LakeSummer at Willow Lake

Book 1, Summer at Willow Lake, starts with Olivia Bellamy and Connor Davis.  Olivia (Lolly) and Connor knew each other from camp.  They kinda grew up together but had a falling out just as they hit adulthood.  

Not only is this book about Olivia and Connor, but it is also about her grandparents and her parents.  Throughout the story line, you meet characters across several generations.  Camp Kioga started with Jane Gordon and Charles Bellamy.  When they married against the Bellamy family's wishes, Jane and Charles took over the camp from her parents and ended up living a happy life.  But it wasn't without some fallout.  You see, the Bellamys were a wealthy family and the Gordons were not.  They were born in a time that you married in your social class, not beneath it.

Then it shares Olivia's parents' story.  Phillip and Pamela did marry within their social class and according to their parents wishes but ended up divorced by the time Olivia was in her teens.  

This whole book series is about family.  Olivia finds out that she has a half sister that she did not know about and neither did her dad.  Phillip had loved another and had a love child.

The Winter Lodge

Susan Wiggs' The Winter LodgeThe Winter Lodge

This is where book 2, The Winter Lodge, comes in.  Jenny Majesky is the half sister.  She is reeling from finding out that she actually has family to losing her grandmother that raised her to loosing her home in a devastating fire.  

But it is also about allowing yourself to love the person you were meant to love.  Jenny had always loved Rourke McKnight.  He is the chief of police and has loved Jenny since that day he saved her from some idiots stealing from her grandparents bakery truck.  

This one is a sweet story.


Susan Wiggs' DocksideDockside

Book 3, Dockside, brings us Nina Romano's story.  She is the town mayor so she works with Rourke and is Jenny's best friend.  They all grew up together.  Greg Bellamy, uncle to Olivia, comes to Avalon with his two kids, Daisy and Max, because his wife asked for divorce.  Nina and Greg skirt around each other for a while before they jump 

Snowfall at Willow Lake

Book 4, Snowfall at Willow Lake, shares Sophie Bellamy's story.  She was once married to Greg but they drifted apart and she went across the world to fulfill her dreams until an event happens that shakes her so badly she heads back to be with her kids, Daisy and Max.  There she meets the local vet, Noah Shepherd.

Throughout the book series, you have been able to watch Daisy and Max grow up.  But Daisy doesn't get her own story until book 8.


Susan Wiggs' FiresideFireside

Book 5, Fireside, has Noah's best friend join the family.  Bo Crutcher is a baseball star without the star part.  He just can't seem to get that part down.  In steps Kimberly van Dorn.  She is a media specialist that makes all the athletes look wonderful for the press even if they aren't.  But Bo doesn't seem to be like all the others.  

Bo just found out the child that he fathered a dozen yrs ago needs him instead of a monthly cheque.  It is a major learning curve. It's a sweet story about sacrifice and honor.

Lakeshore Christmas

Susan Wiggs' Lakeshore ChristmasLakeshore Christmas

Book 6, Lakeshore Christmas, adds in some completely new characters.  Eddie Haven is best friends with Bo and Noah and are all in a band together.  Eddie is the lead singer and already famous.  

When Maureen Davenport steps in to help with the Christmas pageant, her and Eddie butt heads until sparks fly instead. 

The Summer Hideaway

Susan Wiggs' The Summer HideawayThe Summer Hideaway

In book 7, The Summer Hideaway, you find out tons more about the Bellamy family and some history that will surprise you.  Charles Bellamy actually has a brother that he has been estranged from for over 50yrs.  Charles and George haven't spoken for so long, but George decides that he needs to connect with his brother again.  

His son, Ross Bellamy, comes along and finds out that he has tons of other family that he never knew.  

George's health is failing and has a nurse Claire helping him.  The sparks fly between Claire and Ross.

Marrying Daisy Bellamy

Susan Wiggs' Marrying Daisy BellamyMarrying Daisy Bellamy

Marrying Daisy Bellamy is all about Daisy, finally!!  

We've have watched her grow up, get pregnant, have a gorgeous baby Charlie, see her figure out what she wants to do for herself.  Now all she has to do is find the love that she so desperately wants.  And it just happens to be not the father to Charlie.  Logan O'Donnell is the father to Charlie.  Logan gets his story in book 10.

But when Julian Gastineaux comes back into her life she finally gets her chance at love.  Julian is Connor's younger brother.  They didn't grow up together but they get to know each other as Julian learns to put his wild side into use in the military.  He flies fighter planes.

Return to Willow Lake

Susan Wiggs' Return to Willow LakeReturn to Willow Lake

Book 9, Return to Willow Lake, brings us Sonnet Romano's and Zach Alger's story.  Sonnet, Zach and Daisy grew up together going to Camp Kioga.  Zach took off after his father was arrested in book 3.  He comes back to Avalon to pick up the pieces and maybe convince Sonnet of how he really feels.  Sonnet is the daughter to the mayor Nina Romano.

Candlelight Christmas

Susan Wiggs' Candlelight ChristmasCandlelight Christmas

Book 10, Candlelight Christmas, is about loosing your way even when you seem to be doing the right thing.  Logan O'Donnell came to Avalon to be near his son, Charlie, and hopefully make a go of the relationship with Daisy.  They figure out that they are not meant for each other.  Daisy has found love with Julian and is moving to Japan and taking his son with them.  Logan is left floundering.  

Until his sister introduces him to Darcy Fitzgerald.  

She challenges him in a way that just feels right.  He goes against his father's wishes and buys the local ski lodge that is for sale.  He gets it fixed up while starting a relationship with Darcy and helping a friend in need.

Just found this one!!  I'll get back to you about it.

I love the whole story line behind The Lakeshore Chronicles.  I have read them again and again and they still touch my heart.

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