Author Traci McDonald

I'm always open to reading a new book, especially a new-to-me new book. 

I think this author is truly talented.  She is blind herself, and you can feel how insightful she is as you read the story.  You can feel how she "sees" more than sighted people do.  

While these books are not classified as a book series, they are connected.

Lily is the main character in Burning Bridger, and a friend to Jake in Killing Casanova.

Killing Casanova

Traci McDonald's Killing CasanovaKilling Casanova

This story is about Cassie and Jake.  Cassie is a typical girl next door.  She's sweet, funny, works hard.  She is also blind.  And has been since she was really little.  

Jake is dubbed "Casanova" by many, and uses this front to keep others at bay.  Cassie can "see" through this facade that he puts up.  

As he gets to know Cassie, Jake realizes that maybe there is more that he should be fighting for.

It's a sweet story.  I enjoyed it.

Burning Bridger

Traci McDonald's Burning Bridger

Burning Bridger is about Lily and Bridger Jacoby.  Both are friends to Jake Caswell.  Bridger agrees to hlep Lily out especially after he realizes someone is trying to kill her.

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