Author Vicki Lewis Thompson

Author Vicki Lewis Thompson is a favorite of mine.  She writes contemporary romances that are filled with passion and humor.  I have read a ton of her books, although I am not sure how long it would take to get them all on here!!

Check out her site here.

The Thunder Mountain Brotherhood Series

This series is about a group of boys that grew up together at Thunder Mountain.

Vicki Lewis Thompson's Midnight ThunderMidnight Thunder

Book 1, Midnight Thunder, is about Cade and Lexi.  They were together when they were both young.  He left when she started seeing weddings and flowers.  He only comes back years later was because their mom is in the hospital.

The story line is cute.  I found the amount of sex to be overpowering though.  I did enjoy the plot line, even thought it was cute, but too much sex made it harder to enjoy.

I'll let you know about the other books in this series.

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