Author Zoe Archer

Zoe Archer is an award winning paranormal romance author that mixes historical, adventure, and sci-fi into her can't-put-down-till-you-finish stories.  Her stories are full of detail and descriptions that enhance the story line as well as the characters.

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The Blades of the Rose Series

Zoe Archer's paranormal romance book series, The Blades of the Rose, is exciting from beginning to end.  You can read them separately but the background story makes more sense when you read them all together.  

The characters are fighting to save the world.  Each story's plot line is wrapped around saving a magical artifact from the Heirs while evading this nefarious group.  These stories are based in the early 1900s.  She does a marvelous job with her descriptions of the times and customs of the day.

These books are wonderfully written, with complex characters and intriguing plot lines.

Zoe Archer does get quite descriptive in her love scenes.  They are a bit much for any who doesn't like to read details.  The sensuality level is definitely high for the love scenes.

All four books keep you on the edge of your seats while you try to figure out what is going to happen.  The book series does end with these four books.  


Zoe Archer's Warrior, book 1 in the Blades of the Rose Series

In book 1, Warrior, Capt. Gabriel Huntley first encounters Thalia Burgess when he passes on a message.  What he doesn't know is what it was for.  But he is intrigued enough to follow her and find out what she is up to.  

He joins the cause and the rest of the story is how they come together, both for the cause as well as personally.  


In book 2, Scoundrel, London Harcourt is wandering the market when she encounters Bennett Day.  He is a ladies man that has finally met his match.  She is smart, can speak many languages, and happens to be the daughter of leader of the Heirs.  This story is about loss and still managing to stand on your feet when the day is done.

Zoe Archer's Scoundrel, book 2 in the Blades of the Rose Series


Zoe Archer's Rebel, book 3 in the Blades of the Rose Series

Book 3, Rebel, finds Nathan Lesperance and Astrid Bramfield.  He is a Native American that became an attorney to help his people.  The only problem is he can turn into a wolf.  

She is hiding in the Rockies because she lost her first husband to the fight. She has lost her will to live until she encounters Nathan.  This story is about acceptance and love.  


Book 4, Stranger, is my favorite in the book series.  Gemma Murphy is a reporter and she wants a big story.  When she eavesdrops on Nathan's, Astrid's, and Catullus' conversation, she is beyond intrigued.  She stows away on the ship but is found by all of them.  There is an instant attraction between Gemma and Catullus.  He's the resident nerd/inventor/genius who is doing what he can to help the Blades fight off the Heirs.  This story is about loving the other despite their idiosyncrasies.

Zoe Archer's Stranger, book 4 in the Blades of the Rose Series


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