Romance Readers, You Can Help Too!

If you're an avid romance reader like me, you know that there are tons and tons of romance books out there for us to read and enjoy.  And many more being written every day!!

And I can't read them fast enough.  I need your help.

On this page, you'll find a form that needs to be filled out.  This form allows you to contribute to this site and get your name published as the "author" of that page.  Please note there is no monetary gain from this!  Just the enjoyment of sharing books with other avid readers.

There are three sections that you need to fill out to add to the page.  This information will be included so then others can enjoy knowing more #bookdetails about the book, the author, and the series.

Book Details:

  • story length - full-length novel or novella
  • language - swearing
  • sexual language
  • number of sex scenes and how detailed are they
  • setting/location - current day or times past
  • sub-genre
  • violence or not?
  • factual accuracy of story topic
  • writing quality of author 
  • development of characters, world and plot

Summary of Book:

  • what the story is about
  • main characters
  • basic plot details and theme of the story
  • originality 


  • This is where you get to share your personal opinion of the book.  Please include your site and the link that you want others to link to.

Just fill out the form below and I will add your favorite book ASAP.  

Thanks for your help!

Happy Reading!

Shental, a voracious romance reader just like you!!

Romance Readers!! I need your help!

I need your help adding more books and stories from your favorite authors.
I can't read fast enough. I need your help to add more pages of more awesome romance authors. Please submit your favorites in the form below.